The 10 Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

When you’re a celebrity known for your good looks, it becomes hard to surrender to age. Whether you’re an actor, a singer or any other kind of celebrity, being known for your good looks is a hard thing to say goodbye to. That is why so many good looking people cannot allow themselves to age with grace, turning instead to plastic surgery. And while little touch-ups can be helpful, these celebrities went all in and botched it up. 

These 10 celebrities either had the worst choice when it came to doctors or just went too far and asked too much – and this is the sad result. 

1. Actor Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke before and after bad plastic surgery

2. Actress Priscilla Presley

3. Famous comedian Joan Rivers

4. Designer Donatella Versace

5. Actress Goldie Hawn

6. Singer Dolly Parton

7. Actress Lisa Rinna

8. Actress Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox before and after plastic surgery

9. Singer Axl Rose

Axl rose before and after plastic surgery

10. Comedian Carrot Top

carrot top before and after plastic surgery

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