The Secret Terrorists Behind the Recent Mass Shootings

After a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas left 20 people dead, and another shooting left another 9 (we don’t include the gunman as a human being) , FBI is starting to identify a new domestic terrorist group that may be behind the huge wave of mass shootings raging across the United States in the last few years, and now internationally as well. 

The shooting occurred Saturday morning, when a gunman identified as Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old from Allen, Texas, opened fire at a packed Walmart near the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso with an assault rifle, killing 20 people and wounding dozens. This was followed by another shooting in Ohio a mere 12 hours later.

Published online even before Crusius, the Texas killer, police thinks this 2,300 page “manifesto of hate” is actually a portal to an, until now, unknown “world of nationalistic terrorism,” that may have originated in the United States but has spread to countries like New Zealand, Australia, the UK and many others we do not know about yet.

This group has no name yet, and are mostly known to law enforcement agencies as “WNTs” – White Nationalist Terrorists. 


What at first seemed like unrelated hate crimes and even madmen gone over the deep end, is more and more coming out as organized, planned, smart and unfortunately successful. The manifesto written by the Christchurch, New Zealand killer is remarkably similar to the one now found by the Texas shooter. Both are long reads and the FBI and other agencies are working around the clock to try and tease out their origins. 

WNT manifestos seem to be focused on immigration, especially illegal immigration and the loss of national identity. FBI sources say that there seems to be a “really scary” rise in the number and activity of WNT, and that a coordinated effort seems to have been in the works for quite some time now, with the shootings so far being “a trial run” for those most extreme.

The fear is that WNT is constantly recruiting from any country with an immigration issue and a large caucasian population. European countries may soon face the same threat from WNT and, with many in Europe already enraged about immigration, they may find fertile and easy ground upon to build their network even larger and more powerful.

“We may see the rise of a new superpower, a super terrorist group.” Said a law enforcement source. That is a scary thought indeed. We may be hearing a lot more about WNT.

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