15 Times a Quick “Nope” is Called For

Nope. Nope. Noooopppee. You won’t catch me doing any of the things you’re about to see, because you know what, there are things that cross cultures, countries, genders and races – and that’s things that make you go “Ah, Nope.” and go the other way. But from the comfort of the screen, and with other, more brave (or foolish) than ourselves doing these crazy (or just bizarre) things – well, that I can look at all day.

1. Here’s my first nope. Wanna hear it? “NOPE.” This is just making me uncomfortable.

2. Hell Nope. Speaking of hell, I think that’s where this “little guy” is probably from. Now throw it back before it devours humanity.

3. I wonder if this person made it out, or if they are floating in a jar somewhere.

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