15 People Who Have Found the Best Ways to Be Cool

Cool can be many things. It’s a word used for the last 60 or more years, and it used to mean motorcycles, leather jackets and a bad attitude. But it changed with the times, and for each of us, the word ‘cool’ can mean very different things. But when it comes to the next 15 people, I think you’ll agree that their actions have made them simply the coolest. Have a look.

1. You may think you’re cool, but you’re not shot-27-times and still survived the battle . That honor is reserved for Mike Day, seen here on the left.

2. Navy SEAL, doctor, astronaut – all at 35. I want to hate this Dr. Johnny Kim (his name is cool) but he actually looks like a nice person, damn.

3. It’s hard to be cool at 17, but to be trained by NASA to be a astronaut at that age like Alyssa Carson is pretty damn cool any way you look at it.

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