Truck Driver Takes “Shocking Cocktail” of Drugs Before Crashing!

Thomas Abbot is the name of the 26 year old truck (lorry) drive who fell asleep on the wheel of his 18 ton truck. While he was taking a nap, the huge truck drifted and crossed the road to the wrong lane.

Once there, it proceeded to mount the pavement, jump on it and proceed again to slam straight into a bus that was parked and was still dropping children off to school, in Monk Fryston, North Yorks, at the time of collision. As a result, one of the young boys was “propelled” the full length of the bus.

Another small girl was apparently catapulted from the inside of the bus (just near the door) and luckily to a grassy stretch of earth. Incredibly and luckily, no deaths were caused by the collision, but serious injuries were inflicted on at least 2 children.

 Falling asleep when driving a huge truck is bad enough, but the drug test performed on Abbot discovered he had a cornucopia of substances floating in his blood stream.

Thomas Abbot: admitted two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving while unfit through drugs

He had four times the legal amount (I didn’t know there WAS a legal amount), nearly 3 times over the limit for amphetamines and NINE times over the limit for cannabis (which may explain how he fell asleep with all that cocaine and amphetamines).

But that’s not all…

In addition, the blood tests showed EIGHT other substances in his system at the time of collision, including Valium Рa very strong relaxant (which makes you sleep)  and Tempazepam, which is supposed to keep you awake. 

With so many drugs in his system, it’s no wonder he didn’t wake up. I’m surprised he even got the truck out of park! Abbot was jailed for 3 year and given a 5 year driving ban. But many do not think that was punishment enough.

Both children victims of the accident say their lives were “ruined” by their serious injuries, including fractures, scars, permanent hearing loss for thy boy and over 100 stitches for the girl on her lip, leaving a big scar.

Remember, when in doubt about your driving ability – don’t drive!

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