20 Animal Photos That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

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1. This doggy is the best thing since sliced bread.

funny animals dog vs sliced bread

2. Never insult someone on their special day.

funny animals cat wedding

3. "Onwards Pedro, we must save those carrot slices!"

funny animals: hamster riding a toy horse

4. Just chillin'

4. Day 74: They still don't know I'm actually alive..

5. "Oops, I hope this'll come off. Just got too excited."

6. He's a plant now. End of story.

7. Some people just hit it off immediately.

8. "I am Sir. Benedict the III, NOT "Munchkin."

9. "Sarah, are my pellets kosher?"

10. "Real funny Charlotte, wait until you find my surprise in your shoe..."

funny animals black cat with black cat toy

11. "I regret nothing!"

12. "No I'm not having a bad hair day, why?"

13. "It's a self dogtrait. It's one of a kind!"

funny animals: Dog painter

14. The most supportive partner.

15. ALWAYS pack the essentials.

16. A night with a perfect gentleman.

17. The cat burrito has become a food staple.

18. "Not sure why you guys do this, but I'm a guest so..."

19. I'll wait for the fashion show.

20. When it fits, even the king sits.

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