15 Home Fixes that Are Actually Kinda Genius

They say money solves most problems. What they don’t mention is how creative you get when you DON’T want to spend the money. People discover that anything is possible, as long as you’re daring enough and don’t care what it looks like. As for us, we’d say – if it works, it ain’t stupid.

1. This lamp is VERY photogenic...

funny DIY: lamp made of cameras

2. When you can't afford a trumpet.

3. I hope the sound isn't crap.

4. At the beep, your mail will be here.

funny fixes: mcirowave mailbox

5. If it works, it ain't stupid!

6. He needed a good engine, he had a spare car...

7. Office chairs always require creative tinkering

8. When the kids grow up...

9. Half cycle, half car - all power!

10. A musical plant

11. Looks fine to me. At least you can use the A/C

12. You want to see my license plate? Which one?

13. This is actually kinds genius.

15. Seems legit. Why would the car lie?

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